Electrically assisted bicycles

You don’t have to wait to have fun, you can get moving

Multi-mode hybrid takes you on a new look

Through the new national standard testing, obtained 3C certification, in strict accordance with the EU standards to build the electronic control system and vehicles. The waterproof performance of the high-definition LCD instrument can reach IPX7, which is not afraid of wind and rain, and the riding data is monitored in real time, which is easy to control. The three riding modes of manpower, electric assistance and pure electric can be switched at will to meet the various needs of urban commuting and professional cycling.

Mode switching
Real-time data
Mileage credit

The energy is long-lasting, surging and easy, and free to travel

52 x 1 8650 cells large-capacity battery compartment, completely hidden in the frame down tube, battery lock and safety wrench double protection, safer and more convenient. The electric range can reach 60KM and the assisted range can reach 100KM, providing abundant and long-lasting high power output for cycling.

Easy climbing
650+ charge cycles
High performance conversion rates

*This data is provided by . Shanghai Ximo Electric Laboratory in the state of full charge, the environment is 25°, no wind, 70KG load, in the three-gear mode at an average speed of 15km/h on a flat windless road measurement, the actual mileage will change with the gear, road conditions, temperature, humidity, wind speed, rider’s weight and other factors, this is a normal phenomenon, this page endurance value is for reference only.

Leverage the power of science and technology to overcome power obstacles

Although this motor is small in size and light in weight, it uses planetary gear design to amplify torque, improve energy efficiency conversion rate, achieve strong power output, and reduce idling friction, so that the vehicle will hardly have reverse resistance due to the motor when coasting, so as to effectively reduce power loss and increase mileage. Because the torque is amplified, the acceleration performance and climbing performance are enhanced, and the power output is fast, so that you can “take the lead” on the riding road.

Outdoor sport cycling is designed to withstand rough roads

With adjustable suspension fork, the shock absorption stroke can be turned on and off by the right knob, and the shock absorption soft and hard can be fine-tuned through the left knob, providing you with multiple choices of racing and off-road mode, comfort and long-range mode, and more adapting to changes in various road conditions. Exquisite workmanship, light weight and strength, and good cornering control.

Take care of all aspects

PROWHEEL preferred chainring

The aluminum alloy CNC process is lightweight, sensitive and beautiful

High-precision consistent wheels

Mechanical automation marshalling The ride is easy and enjoyable

Highlight individual LED headlights

The strength can be up to 45 LUX according to the German K-mark standard

Rear reflector independent taillights

Safe, independent, self-powered and nightly with you

Product parameters

The main technical parameters of the vehicle
Dimensions 1740×660×1050mm
Center distance between front and rear wheels 1070mm
Vehicle quality 25kg
Maximum design speed 25km/h
Boost range ≈100km
Electric range ≈60km
Power consumption per 100 kilometers 0.96kw·h/100km
Load capacity ≤100kg
The main technical parameters of the motor
Motor type DC motors
Nominal power 250W
Rated speed 200r/min
Rated voltage 48V
The main technical parameters of the controller
Undervoltage protection 41±2V
Overcurrent protection 15±2A