Wireless Sonar Fish Finder

Graphic fish finder

dry battery
Maximum Reception Range
Detection Angle



Wireless Sonar Fish Finder

con Display Method, Simple, Easy to Understand, and Easy to Operate

Fast and Sensitive Detection, Long-Distance Reception

Wireless Reception up to 100 meters

After undergoing precise testing and with a well-structured and laid-out internal design, it significantly enhances transmission performance, effectively ensuring the transmission of multiple curved signals. It can perform excellently even in various complex environments.

One throw, one read, easily have fun

With a fish finder device and a fishing rod, simply cast the sonar transmitter. The sonar receiver can pick up data, allowing you to effortlessly control underwater information.

Intelligent Fish Layer Depth Detection

Equipped with Luckysmart’s intelligent algorithm, it dynamically maps sound waves and fish behavior, allowing for the detection of fish layer depth, making it more user-friendly.

Adaptable to various harsh environments

Can probe in muddy water, at night, and through ice